We specialize in the management and development of automation systems, industrial process control, and equipment for the industry.

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HexaTechinX was conceived within an industrial context, founded on the idea of a team of professionals providing customized solutions, aimed at integrating all levels in the engineering of automated processes. Thus, HexaTechniX emerged in an industrial setting, more specifically in the automotive industry, where through the optimal execution of its projects, it solidified its presence. Gradually, this presence expanded into other sectors of the industry, such as food and pharmaceuticals.


Years of Experience




 VW Córdoba, MQ281 Transmission Plant - OP380 Station Optimization:


Oil filling and charge verification station.

To enhance efficiency and cycle time, a retooling of the station was performed, transitioning from oil filling for one transmission at a time to simultaneous filling for two transmissions. 

PSA Citroën – Peugeot, Palomar Plant - Blowing Cabin Manufacturing:


To conduct the rear brake circuit test for various car models, the design, manufacturing, assembly, and automation of a soundproof cabin were carried out. This cabin contains two high-pressure compressors along with all the components and systems for the automation. 

BAGLEY, Totoral Plant: Optical Inspection Machine for Biscuits with Automatic Rejection System:


To conduct quality control of filled biscuits, a portal with an optical camera control system was implemented to perform visual inspections of the biscuits. If any defects are detected, the defective biscuit is automatically rejected.